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  • The finest pasta in the Chesterfield Valley from a name you already know and love.
  • Amazing salads that could be a meal by themselves!
  • Beef and Steak dishes that are melt in your mouth good.
  • Appetizers that start the night, right!
  • Did we mention that our pasta is second to NONE?
  • Seafood that is fresh and bursting with taste!
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Welcome to Filippo's!

Joe Sanfilippo, who owns and operates J.F. Sanfilippo's in downtown St. Louis, has just announced plans to open a new venture. This time, the Italian restaurant owner has his sights set on the Valley, at 120 Chesterfield Valley Drive, where Tribeca Lounge used to be located.

 Open Daily at 4PM || Closed on Sundays


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